Exotic Herbs

We have searched the globe to find some of the most exotic herbs you will ever see. Some of our herbs are shipped from New Zealand so may take between 8 and 28 days to arrive to you. We ship them from New Zealand as this allows us to offer you the freshest herbs grown in one of the cleanest environs in the world.

 1g Radula Marginata                                     Price: 9.50 plus shipping

Radula marginata is a species of plant in genus Radula, a genus of liverworts. It is native to New Zealand. It has been found to contain cannabinoids. Perrottetinene is a naturally occurring cannabinoid compound found in the New Zealand liverwort plant Radula marginata and other species from the Radula genus, along with a number of similar compounds. Its chemical structure closely resembles that of THC, the main active component of marijuana, and it is thought that perrottetinene may also be an active cannabinoid agonist although detailed pharmacological investigation of the compound has yet to be reported. Stereoselective synthesis of perrottinene has also been carried out to investigate the activity of its different enantiomers.

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 3g Macropiper Excelsum                                     Price: 9.50 plus shipping

The active constituents were first identified by BRIGGS (1941) as the allyl benzene essential oils myristicin and elemicin. The leaves and terminal branchlets contain about 1% essential oil by steam distillation, composed of up to 41.3% myristicin, about 3.1% elemicin as well as minor amounts of pinene, phellandrene, aromadendrene, cadinene and other unidentified compounds (BRIGGS et al. 1975).

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