Plant Extracts

We offer the most extreme plant extracts available. These extracts are great for research and botanical specimens.

We only sell these plant extracts in wholesale quantities. If you are interested in any extract listed here please contact us to purchase.

High anandamide cocoa extract

80:1 Lionstail extact (high leonurine content)

Cocoa extract 10% theobromine

80:1 Blue Lotus extract (high alkaloid content)

Cocoa extract 20% theobromine

80:1 skull cap extract

Hordenine 98%

80:1 passionflower extract

Synephrine (bitter orange extract)

40:1 Tribulus Terresteris extract

PEA (cocoa extract)

4:1 Yerba Mate extract (4% caffeine)

Macropiper excelsum extract

Black Pepper Extract  (98% Piperine)

Pukatea extract (contains pukateine)

Octopamine 99.5%

White tea extract

White Willow Bark extract (10% Salicin)

Green tea extract

Guarana Extract (22% Caffeine)

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